Jill and Sean’s Wedding

Jill and Sean's Wedding
I 'met' Jill and Sean about three minutes before their wedding, when Shacarra (our summer student) and I pulled up at the entrance to the Giant Cottonwood Forest just outside of Fernie. In reality, I felt like I had met Jill and Sean a long, long time ago. They first contacted me about shooting their wedding a couple of years back. Plans never came together back then,[...]

Trina and Kale’s Wedding

Trina and Kale's Wedding
Trina first sent me a message about being their wedding photographer as I was driving out of Fernie, about to head out on a backcountry skiing trip with Duane and a few others to Jumbo Hut. (You can see a few shots from that trip here) She immediately messaged back, more excited about my ski trip then her own wedding plans and that she was excited to chat after I got [...]