Buffalo Mountain Lodge Wedding Photographers

We chose to work with Kevan for two very simple reasons. A) He has a stunning portfolio that captures what we wanted our wedding photos to look like, and B) When we were planning the wedding and looking for a photographer from the other side of the country, Kevan responded to our email by picking up his phone and immediately calling us. Our business, and  our wedding, mattered to him personally. We talked about timing and price, but we also talked about vision, personality, style, and strategy.

That first conversation was a great indication of how Kevan was through the entire process, an equally skilled photographer and professional. The engagement shoot was a fantastic experience. It immediately became clear that he understood when to pose his subjects or be an invisible “photo journalist”, joke about a situation or discuss the prospects of the Jays,  explain the nuances of his lighting choices or promise guided skiing tours of Fernie. He made us feel relaxed and comfortable in front of his lens, and that clearly shows in our photos.

By the time Kevan showed up to our wedding, he felt like a friend we wanted there, if he had brought his camera or not.

Our wedding day was a chilly -20 oC, undeterred Kevan led us to amazing outdoor vistas to get the right shot. One in particularly had us shuffling through a field and up knee-deep snow banks to get in position. It seemed excessive at the time, but Kevan had a vision and assured us the photos would be worth it. He was right, those are now some of our favorites, and we look back at the experience with fond memories. I think what is most telling about Kevan though, is that when we climbed down from snow bank, clearly frozen, he took off his warm jacket and gave it to the Bride for the walk back.

We have recommended Kevan to our family and friends without reservation. He has our absolute gratitude for not only capturing, but contributing to our perfect day.

Cheers and Thanks,

Alyssa & Craig Herring

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