Looking back on Amber & Trevor’s wedding last October brings up some pretty fond memories. Despite it threatening to rain all day, the weather held and they were able to have their outdoor fall wedding in the mountains!

I loved everything about their day.  Amber and Trevor are the type of people that are a pleasure to be around; they both very confident in who they are and have easy-going personalities.  They love Fernie and spend as much time here as they can doing their favourite activities, so it was fitting that they chose to have their wedding at one of the best mountain settings around, Island Lake Lodge.

They had a perfect timeline for their day; lots of time before the ceremony for us to get some portraits of them in this amazing mountain setting, a mid-afternoon ceremony at I Dew Point, and then straight into their cocktail hour so they could spend time with their families & friends who celebrated the day with them.

Kevan and I shot their wedding together, and going into their day we talked with Amber & Trevor about a crazy idea we had for their ceremony involving a canoe.  They were excited about it, trusted us whole-heartedly, and we were able to capture the ceremony from a truly unique perspective (despite some chuckles from their wedding guests!).

Thank you Amber & Trevor for including us in your wedding!  It was an honour to spend the day with you and tell your story!

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Amber & Trevor love doing Spartan races, so fitting that their kissing game required people to training exercises like pushups and burpees. Props to the girl in the bottom right who did more pushups than I can count in heels and a dress to keep them kissing!
Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-040 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-041 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-042 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-043 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-044 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-045 Island-Lake-Lodge-Wedding-AT-046

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