Working with Amrita and Kirk was perfect – two ceremonies, a day full of colour, the Banff Springs Hotel, and most importantly a great couple. We were really fortunate in the mountains as the weather stayed hot and beautiful and we missed all of the craziness in the prairies.

Did I mention that I loved shooting a wedding full of colour and variety? This wedding featured three different changes of formal wear!


The first ceremony was on the patio of the Banff Springs hotel at 9:30 in the morning. The morning light was awesome!




A quick break to get ready for the Indian ceremony, which was held in the beautiful Mt. Stephen room, in the hotel and they were good to go. This is a shot of Amrita as she waited to be shown to Kirk

When Amrita was brought into the ceremony, Kirk was covered so that he couldn’t see her. Amrita was carried around Kirk seven times before the covering was lowered and they could look at each other for the first time.
















We had a little bit of time to go exploring after the second ceremony, so we decided to head out of the Banff townsite (what with it being a long weekend and all!)