Andrea-Derek-Featured-ImageI think Kevan and Duane knew our wedding date before our parents did; I was so excited to book them! And then how many brides can say they almost couldn’t wait for their honeymoon to END just so they could get home to look at pictures? That was me!

Working with them was just FUN and, even though they’ve been to dozens and dozens of weddings, I know they were having fun with us too. After almost four hours of shooting on a winter day in the Rockies they asked, “Are you getting cold? Do you want to quit?” I could only reply, “More pictures!!” We were having a blast. (My only ‘criticism’ is how thoughtful they were when they rushed over to help me after I fell face first into a snowbank, crinolens in the air. Now THAT was a shot I wish they had taken! Darnit if they aren’t Gentlemen!)

From having our dog scale a fire escape during our Engagement Shoot, to researching multiple amazing sites for our wedding day, I was continually impressed by their thoroughness, imagination and commitment to detail! Their personal service before, during and after the wedding is beyond anything else we’ve experienced and their incredible finished product is a story we’ll be proud to show/tell for many, many years.

We LOVE 6:8 Photography – their work definitely, but more importantly, the friends behind the cameras. You’ll love them too.

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