My worlds collided at Andrea and David’s wedding.  When I was back in Ontario I managed an ice cream shop and was responsible for a staff of somewhere between 10 and 15 kids who worked there part time.  I’m friends with some of them on Facebook, but we haven’t really kept in touch.  Andrea & David had a photo booth as part of their wedding and we wanted to set it up the night before.  The events coordinator at Silvertip Resort said it was no problem, and all we needed to do was track down the food & beverage manager to let us in. When I walked into the room there was one of my past employees from the ice cream shop directing Kevan on where to set up the photo booth!  It really is a small world!

It’s been a while since we were last at Silvertip Resort, not since Kris & Eric’s wedding in 2011!  It’s such a great spot for a wedding, with a ceremony location having one of the best backdrops in Canmore, and lots of great options for pictures!

The day started out with some getting ready shots with a very relaxed bride!

While the girls were busy getting ready, David and his groomsmen decided to do a quick 9 at Silvertip.

Their ceremony location.  Like I said, it has a pretty good view!

David was getting ready alone while his groomsmen grabbed a quick bite to eat.  It seemed that any time he needed help though, someone randomly showed up at the door!

Andrea & David met around a corner for a quick prayer before their ceremony.

Andrea and her Dad sharing a quick moment before the ceremony.  She was pretty excited to walk down the aisle.

Lots of laughs and tears during their ceremony.

Silvertip had lots of great spots to use for pictures, but it became apparent that staying there was going to result in us getting very, very wet!  We went across the valley and were treated with some amazing skies and a bit of a thunder & lightning show as the storm rolled in.

We couldn’t outrun the rain all afternoon, and as we were finishing up in the meadow it started to spit.  By the time we got to our next location it was coming down pretty steady.  Good thing the spot we chose was an old entrance to a mine shaft, so we were able to keep them nice and dry.

Love this silhouette shot!

We decided to drive up to the Nordic Centre, and as we reach the reservoir the sun was breaking through the clouds and giving us some amazing light!  It didn’t take much to encourage Andrea & David to brave the rain for a few shots!

We also encouraged the wedding party to come out for one more shot.  It started raining a lot harder when they were all lined up!  They were awesome and all took it in stride (and stayed reasonably dry under their umbrellas – we, however, got soaked!).

…but then when we returned to Silvertip for their reception there was no more rain.

Andrea and her Dad during the father daughter dance.

Andrea loves to dance and wanted an awesome party at her wedding.  Turns out her guests love to dance too because they kept the dance floor filled the entire night!

I vote that smoke machines become standard equipment for DJs.

The bouquet toss…

…Andrea’s sister Chelsea caught it, and I love the expression of the girl in purple near the middle of the frame who is pointing and laughing at Chelsea’s boyfriend!

It’s pretty rare to get a lot of distance with the garter, and the guys were lined up a little too far away to catch it.

So it was more of a mad dash to see who could sweep it up off the floor.  This guy was pretty excited to be the quickest!

Andrea & David leaving their reception in style with a sparkler send-off.  Thankfully they decided to light their sparklers outside so the fire department didn’t need to be called like at Kristen & Jason’s wedding from earlier this year!