I’m shocked at the difference a few hundred kilometers can make!  I met up with Ariana and Alex in Canmore recently for their engagement session, and was amazed at the difference in the amount of snow in and around town!  In Fernie we still had about a foot of snow on the ground and snowbanks that at least two or three feet high.  Canmore, however, was almost completely devoid of snow in town, and only a few inches in the trees!  Hard to complain though as it made it a lot easier to access some locations I wanted to use!

Ariana and Alex are living in Toronto, but are from the Edmonton area and will be celebrating their wedding there this summer.  Planning a wedding is tough, and I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it would be to do it remotely!  Since they’re having a city wedding, we thought it might be nice to meet up in the mountains for their engagement pictures to give them a completely different look.


This first shot is my favourite from their session.  I love the Ariana’s confidence and the sense of love and caring that Alex is projecting.

Of course, they’re not so serious all the time, and managed to have a few good laughs while we were shooting!






 While I was looking for locations to use in Canmore, I happened across what looked like an opening to a mine shaft with huge beams holding up the entrance.  Seemed like a good place to do some pictures!


 After spending some time outside of town, we decided to head back into town for a few quick shots to finish up.




 Thanks for meeting up with me in Canmore Ariana & Alex!  You’re awesome people, I’m really looking forward to your wedding in Edmonton this summer!

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