Back at the beginning of July, Avery and JC asked me along to capture their intimate ceremony at the incomparable Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Living in Saskatchewan, they make the trek to camp and hike out in the Banff/Lake Louise area every summer. When choosing a spot for their ceremony, they decided to do it at the top of the very mountains that have such a strong call for them.


Avery got ready for the ceremony up in the suite at the Eagle Eye Restaurant.

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0002 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0003

I absolutely love this shot of Avery. It was literally taken five seconds before she started to walk down the aisle to meet JC.

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0004 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0005 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0006 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0007

I love the scenery up at the top of Kicking Horse.


We just had to let this crowd of hikers pass through. They were very boisterous in their congratulations as they went by.

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0009 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0010

The sky was absolutely amazing!

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0011 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0012 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0013 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0014

Have I ever mention that I love it when the bride is willing to hike for her portraits? Another member of the Hiking Brides Club! (Side note: I should make a tag here on the blog, so that people can see all of our awesome clients who do this)

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0015 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0016 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0017 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0018 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0019 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0020

The light streaming through this little pocket of greenery was amazing.

Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0021 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0022 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0023 Kicking_Horse_Wedding_Photographers_AJC_0024

On a personal note – I absolutely loved working with Avery and JC. They are kind, funny and even though I met them on the morning of the wedding, they made me feel like I had known them forever. I hope that our paths cross again when they next make it out the mountains!