And we’re back! After a bit of a break following the busy season, it was nice to get shooting again. It is amazing how a little break can really help you to see things with a fresh set of eyes again. Lynn and Ryan’s coverage was a little different for us, in that we didn’t actually shoot their wedding! That happened a couple of days prior in their hometown. Following the wedding, they and a whole bunch of their guests boarded a charter bus to Banff for a weekend of skiing and a great party in Mount Stephen Hall at the Banff Springs Hotel. Major bonus points to them for an unconventional idea, executed perfectly! I kept hearing guests raving about it all night long during the reception.  The weather wasn’t quite what we had hoped for, but there was no way that was going to put a damper on things.  Mount Stephen Hall looked awesome with all of the Christmas decorations up!
In keeping with our policy of getting off the beaten path, we had them wade into an old burn-out area. It had quite a few fallen trees that we had to go over, and coupled with the rain/falling snow was a little treacherous to get to. They were absolutely fine with it, but their bus driver was absolutely incredulous that a bride would be willing to do that. You could plainly see that he thought we had all lost our marbles. I love our clients!
Walking back to the limo!  As you can see, the girls came prepared! Our final destination was shooting up in Johnston’s Canyon. I really like how Duane’s shot of Lynn in the cave at the first set of falls turned out!
Back to the Banff Springs for a few more portraits… And then into the evening program. Lynn dancing with her grandpa. I love this shot of Lynn dancing with her sisters. You couldn’t have dragged them off the dance floor if you had tried! 

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