I can’t remember the last time we shot a wedding where we parked the car in the morning and didn’t use it for the entire day!

While it was always the plan to stay at the Banff Springs Hotel and shoot on the property, we didn’t expect to do quite as much shooting inside.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had her say in the form of snow and rain and the decision was kind of forced on us!  Oh well, if ever there was a venue to shoot indoors, it would be the Banff Springs!

One quick note; if you follow our blog you’ll notice something very different about Felix compared to their engagement session.  Honestly, I barely recognized him when I walked into the room in the morning!

Great set of images Kevan captured of Felix seeing his bride for the first time.

I love this candid shot Kevan captured while I was shooting the family portraits.

I don’t like to talk about the weather, but I really wish it wasn’t raining so hard because the colours were just popping!

One of my favourite images of the day.

What you can’t see here is me holding my jacket wide open in front of the window to cut down on the glare.  I think I startled them when I did it!

Great moment during the best-man’s speech where he was ‘toasting’ Felix.

I don’t normally post cake-cutting shots, but this one makes me laugh.  This is the moment before Felix stuck the cream-puff on Cheryl’s nose.

Thanks for including us in your celebration Cheryl & Felix!

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