I can’t believe how busy it was trying to get into Banff on the weekend! Driving in from Canmore the lineup to go through the park gate was backed up to the first overpass (about 1.5km)! I expected it to be a little busy so I left with extra time, but it still wasn’t going to be enough! I’m sorry if you were patiently waiting in line to get in, because unfortunately I had to be ‘that guy’ and force my way into line close to the front!

It’s been a while since we last shot in Banff, and our last wedding there was in the early winter with Lynn & Ryan. I love how much different a place can be depending on the season, and I’m not sure which one I prefer for shooting in Banff because of the variety! We had such a great time with Megan & Aaron, and even though we had only spent a couple hours hanging out with them before the wedding at their engagement session, it really felt like we were meeting up with old friends.  When the first thing that happens in the morning is the bride giving you a warm welcome and a hug, you know it’s going to be a great day!









Megan & Aaron had their ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and I think it’s the first church wedding there since Carmen & Mike’s way back in 2009!






Father Jack is a family friend, and recently returned from a trip to the Vatican.  While he was there he was able to get an Apostolic Blessing from the Pope to present Megan & Aaron at their wedding.  


 I love this shot of Megan out at Vermillion Lake.