Barbara and Jeff were keen to do photos the day after their epic wedding that started in Calgary and ended at the incomparable Banff Springs Hotel. We decided that our ‘plan’ would be to drive from Banff towards Radium. Living in Fernie, I often find myself driving this amazing stretch of road after weddings, and am always thinking about how amazing it would be to do portraits on it. I never actually thought that I would find a couple who was willing/able to do it though – it’s kind of out of the way of absolutely everything!

Our plan was really loose – we would drive and stop anywhere that we looked like a good place to get distracted. We nearly didn’t make it off the Bow Valley Parkway.

Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0001_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0003_WEB

It was a hot day, so playing in the creek for a few minutes was very welcome.

Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0010_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0013_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0014_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0015_WEB

We then went on this crazy little hike to see if we could get views of the Stanley Glacier. We did; but I don’t think that I adequately warned Barbara and Jeff about how strenuous the hike would be to get to the lookout spot! All future couples, please be forewarned – if I start making noise about ‘just hiking up a little ways’ you should probably demand more information before agreeing to anything. I have this streak of perpetual optimist in me; and I know that I’ve led a few unsuspecting clients and friends and family members on hikes that turned out to be more than they bargained for! In my defense though, I think it was worth it! Granted, I wasn’t hiking in a full wedding dress…  Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0021_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0023_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0024_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0033_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0035_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0043_WEB

A magical little spot just outside of Radium Hot Springs.

Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0045_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0048_WEB Barbara_Jeff_Wedding_DA_0049_WEB

Even after this, I am convinced that I only explored 3% of what this highway had to offer in terms of photography backdrops. So, I am just going to throw it out there that if there are any other couples who want to do some crazy day-after session with me; I am totally game! The crazier the better!