Blanda and Jordan were able to come to Fernie for their engagement session a few weeks back. We had a great time looking for a bit of colour and exploring some of the old ruins in the area! Can’t wait for their Kicking Horse wedding next June!  Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0001 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0002 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0003 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0004 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0005 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0006 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0007 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0008 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0009 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0010 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0011 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0012 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0013 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0014 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0015 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0016 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0017 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0018 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0019 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0020 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0021 Fernie_Wedding_Photographers_0022


[…] year.  We originally talked about doing a winter engagement session together, but after seeing Blanda & Jordan’s engagement pictures on our Facebook page, they decided on a whim that they wanted to try and get them done in the […]

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