Boudoir with Kevan and Leah

Why Boudoir?

In 2013, my wife, Leah, and I opened a portrait photography studio under the brand “Decoro Portraits”.  We wanted to combine our skills to deliver a photography experience that was meaningful and fun, while also creating images that would inspire and move our clients.  In the beginning, we focused on glamour-style photography, including mother/daughter and high school graduation portraits.  We quickly discovered, however, that women were particularly drawn to boudoir photography.  By the end of our second year, boudoir became our main focus.

Boudoir is interesting and compelling for so many reasons.  Most obviously, the images we create are truly beautiful.  My goals are to create photographs that evoke a sense of wonder and to shift the way my clients perceive themselves. 

Secondly, boudoir can inspire a woman’s confidence in the person she is right now.  Leah is particularly passionate about this.  Her focus is to offer women the opportunity to let go of their insecurities and become unapologetic about the people they are.  In our minds, boudoir is not just “sexy pictures”, but an exercise in accepting and celebrating oneself in both the present and the future.

Lastly, boudoir can be a really unique and memorable gift for your partner – especially on your wedding day.  The fun of doing something outside your comfort zone to surprise your partner can be intoxicating – for both of you!

How The Process Works

Our process is very simple and works for everyone.  We always tell our clients, “There is no way you can screw this up.”  Really!  All you have to do is bring in your outfits and we do the rest. You don’t have to do your hair or make-up, know how to pose, or create your own album.  There is only one thing we will ask you to do: Trust the process.  That’s it!  If you do that, you will be blown away by the images we create for you. 

Special Treatment For 6:8 Photography Brides

Typically, our session fee for boudoir is $150+GST; however, if you book wedding photography with 6:8, you will receive a complimentary boudoir session.  You would then purchase photos separately if you like what we create.  There is never any obligation to buy photos, but most of our clients fall in love with our hand-crafted Italian albums. 

How To Get More Information On Decoro Boudoir

Before we book a shoot for anyone, we always do a 20-minute phone consultation to outline the whole process in detail.  We cover topics like what to wear, how we direct posing, hair and make-up, photo pricing, how to display your images, etc.  If you decide at the end of the call to schedule the shoot, we will set a date.  If you’re not quite ready for a consultation, we have several resources that are very helpful.  We would be so pleased if you took a look at some of them!


“First of all I have to say... what a life changing experience!

I think it’s natural to be nervous (or completely terrified in my case) when you think of other people taking photos of you nearly naked. Like I mean to the point that I almost cancelled the shoot that morning because I was freaking out! BUT shortly after getting there I realized I had nothing to worry about.

Kevan and Leah are both very friendly and super professional! The entire experience was amazing. Leah did my hair and makeup when I got there, and she helped me go over the outfits that I wanted to wear. I’m guessing they could both sense that I was nervous so they were patient with me and not pushy at all! I felt clueless walking in there but they guide you every step of the way and literally make it so so easy!

I would recommend Decoro to anyone in a heartbeat! Can’t wait to come back in some day! “


I can not thank Leah and Kevan enough for the amazing experience of shooting my first ever Decoro shoot! Leah was incredible from booking my session and answering all my questions and concerns in doing my hair and makeup the day of my shoot. Kevan is so talented and funny which makes the experience so much more light and fun! As a mom of two babies, I do not even like photos taken of me on a daily basis and some way Leah and Kevan created the most amazing experience and boudoir photos I could ever dream of, I highly recommend setting up a time to treat yourself with these two beautiful artists! 


I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone and seeing yourself from a different perspective. It was a very comfortable environment, Kevan and Leah are amazing! The photos are so beautifully done. 

I will be telling everyone to give it a try!


Working with Leah and Kevan was SUCH an incredible experience! From the moment I walked in, they were both warm and welcoming and immediately began to make me feel comfortable. When doing my hair and makeup, Leah was so calming, easy to talk to, and truly light and loving in her approach to helping me to feel beautiful. Having their guidance on poses (or bossiness as Kevan kept saying) was truly appreciated, and made someone of no experience like me, feel confident and powerful in my own skin. Through their suggestions, I was able to feel comfortable, strong, and empowered with my body – and helped to remind me that I was there for that reason alone.

I reached out to work with them because I wanted to celebrate myself, and my new-found self-confidence and self-love. Like so many other women, I’ve
struggled with anxiety, depression and insecurities my entire life. It wasn’t until two years ago, when I actively sought help for my mental health and began to make the changes I needed to take care of myself, that I began to learn how to love the person that I am.

From the comforting guidance of their home to trekking through the icy cold
waters to find the beauty in nature – I was able to feel confident, strong and
beautiful with everything that unfolded.

I am whole-heartedly grateful to Leah and Kevan for this adventure, and for taking the time to work with me and gift me with such a beautiful experience. It’s one that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart because it was a day of celebrating myself. For how far I’ve come, and how far I have to go -
thank you!!!