When Amy and Chris told me about the vision for their wedding I was instantly on board. They’re both mountain-loving people, they try to be in the outdoors as much as possible, and they’re both pretty laid back. My kind of people! They planned to have their ceremony down Highway 66 in Kananaskis Country just past Bragg Creek. We literally parked in a pull-out and walked about 500m in to a pasture where all of their guests were waiting! The only wild-card was that they were calling for up to 40mm of rain, but thankfully the heavens never really opened up on us and we actually managed to stay pretty dry!

Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-002 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-003

To say that Amy smiles a lot would be an understatement. Honestly, I don’t think it would have been possible to wipe that grin off her face all day! Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-004 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-005 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-006 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-007 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-008 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-009 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-010 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-011 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-012 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-013 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-014 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-015 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-016 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-017

We did some of their portraits at Forgetmenot Pond. Last time I was there was with Esther & Graeme back in 2012. The weather made it so that there were WAY fewer people there enjoying it, which was just fine by me! Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-018 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-019 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-020 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-021 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-022 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-023 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-024 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-025 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-026 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-027 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-028

We made a quick stop at their local watering hole. Amy showed the guys how it’s done.

Chris is a firefighter, so it was fitting that we do a few portraits with them next to one of the Redwood Meadows trucks. Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-030 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-031 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-032 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-033 Kananaskis-Bragg-Creek-Wedding-AC-034

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