Here’s a wedding that comes a bit closer to home: my (Kevan’s) brother Matt and sister-in-law Caleigh! They had a winter wedding up in Elkford a few weeks back and I am excited to share their photos with you today.

The day was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun. There was one hiccup in the morning however, when I (Kevan) discovered that I am a truly awful snowmobile pilot. It seems as though the objective of snowmobiling is to stay on the sled and not be launched over the handle-bars into trees. I feel as though someone should have explained that to me before being thrown off and slamming my shoulder into a tree. My day thus involved a trip down to the emergency room where I learned that I probably had a torn rotator cuff. Oops.

Why were we snowmobiling on the morning of a wedding you might ask? A very good question I say (and said the night before.) Matt insisted that it was a perfectly reasonable idea however, and being the groom – he won. My shoulder lost. I made it back for the start of the photos and the ceremony though, so all is well that ends well.  Mostly.








Matt waiting for Caleigh just prior to their first-look.





















To get the food you had to dance. This is Matt trying to interpretive dance to Gangam style.

 This is me doing an unfortunate interpretive dance to “I’m Too Sexy”. I got back to the table and Matt remarked that “he couldn’t unsee that…”


 Matt’s take on his dancing skills.





 First dance.

 Father-daughter dance.


 My daughter Peta, was out on the dance floor for hours. Every time the band stopped playing she would shout: “again! again!”


 Garter Toss. 



 Duane and Peta.