Hair and Makeup: Hedkandi Salon
Ceremony and Reception: Endeavor Art Gallery
Catering: Great Events

After shooting the week prior in the winter wilderness of Island Lake Lodge, it was a great chance to shift gears for this downtown Calgary affair. Charlotte and Brad gave us the instructions, that all of our locations had to be within walking distance of the Endeavor Art Gallery. It was great fun to see what we could find within a few block radius. Charlotte is an architect, so we were really looking for locations with clean design.

I think that one of the qualities I most like in others is being quick to laugh. Charlotte and Brad were smiling and laughing all day long (I think they may have even laughed at one or two of our corny jokes) and it was contagious! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a room erupt with that kind of side-splitting glee. When that warm-heartedness is coupled with intelligence and humility it is a pretty formidable combination. Without being too effusive, it goes with out saying that both Duane and I enjoyed getting to know Charlotte and Brad, and it is quite evident that these two are perfectly suited for each other.

Some morning details over at Hotel Arts:





This was our first wedding over at the Endeavor Art Gallery, and I have to say that it makes for a pretty spectacular wedding venue!





 Right after the ceremony, we put on our walking shoes and started exploring!










It’s really interesting trying to give directions to the couple from a different level of a parkade





This picture makes me laugh every time that I see it. Even Brad is like “dude… enough already!”



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