I like to think that while out shooting with our clients Kevan and I provide a healthy combination of professionalism and comic relief.  It’s important that they trust that we know what we’re doing and that we’re creating awesome images of them, but it’s equally important (to us anyway!) that they have fun and can relax while we’re out with them.  In Karissa & Jon’s case, I don’t think we really needed to provide much humour as they pretty much had that covered – always laughing and having a great time.

Jon was a groomsman in Esther & Graeme’s Bragg Creek wedding from this past summer and also stepped in now and again to fill the role of entertainer.  Turns out there’s another connection to them as they work with my old room mate from University.  Small world!

I’m really excited to share a few of my favourite images from their engagement session and can’t wait for their wedding this summer!












Following our outdoor portraits we did a few indoor shots at the Eau Claire Sheraton Hotel.  Big shout out to Tracey Wilkinson, the Catering Manager & Wedding Specialist at the hotel for setting us up with a space to shoot in!  If you’re looking for an awesome venue in Calgary for your wedding this summer, give them a call!






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