I am really pleased to bring you Michelle and Joel’s wedding celebration today. These guys did something that I haven’t seen before. They had a really small destination wedding a little while ago in Mexico. When they got home, instead of just doing a little bbq or something similar – they hosted a film screening for their family and friends at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington Village. The film was so well done and wove their insights on their relationship in with observations from their family and friends. It was like the perfect speech – a great mixture of toast and roast, and had the audience howling and crying. I’m no film critic, but I gave it two thumbs way up.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0001

The film even featured custom movie posters. Awesome!  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0002

We started the photography by doing some simple portraits down on Stephen Avenue.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0003 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0004 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0005

From there we wandered downtown Calgary for about an hour looking for cool spots for portraits.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0006 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0007 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0008 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0009 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0010 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0011 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0012 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0013 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0014  After that, we headed over to the Plaza Theatre for the film.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0017 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0015 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0016   Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0018 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0019 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0020 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0021

Their emcee introducing the afternoon’s format and the couple themselves.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0022 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0023

Not going to lie – it was a little tricky to catch reactions to the film. My only source of illumination was the screen itself. I basically had to get my focus, not breath for fear of losing my focus, and then wait for bright moments in the film to catch those little moments.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0024

Managed to get a few though.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0025 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0026 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0027

Then there were a few speeches.  Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0028 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0029 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0030 Calgary_Plaza_Theatre_Wedding_Photographers_MJ_0031