We spent the day casually making our way south from the historic First Baptist Church down to the outskirts of the city in DeWinton. You may notice two things about this post: 1. I included quite a few images, and 2. quite a few are black and whites. I can’t help either condition – they are documented sicknesses amongst photographers. 




If you’ve been following our blog for a little while, you know that we’ve covered quite a few weddings over the last four or five years. That’s why it is noteworthy anytime we experience anything truly different and unique. I am pretty sure that Gillian and her getting ready posse win the award for “most-tranquil-bridal-preparation.” Usually the getting ready is organized chaos that feels like it could veer towards anarchy at any given moment. Not these ladies! Hushed tones, people quietly moving about getting ready for the day – and Gillian was the poster-child for complete serenity.



Okay – maybe I exaggerated a little. She did get a bit excited from time to time… =)

A few quick portraits before heading down to the church.

Andrew’s reaction to seeing Gillian for the first time.



I love the lines in that old church! 


















If you listen closely to this photo, you can hear Andrew saying: “Aw mom – not that story!” 





The wedding party had a dance-off after the formal dances – girls vs guys. You’ll notice the similar poses, but thats where the similarities end. While the girls were rocking out, the guys were floating around to something that sounded suspiciously like Celine Dion. 


Andrew atoned somewhat with some pretty sweet break-dancing skills…






And one last one. I posted this one over on the facebook page, but the story behind it is this: My flash batteries had died, and for some reason I had left our spares in the vehicle (that never happens) so I had to excuse myself from the dance for a moment to retrieve them. I walked outside to a pretty spectacular sunset and suddenly thankful that the batteries had decided to give up the ghost at that particular moment… A neat way to close out a great day. Thanks Gillian and Andrew for having Duane and I along! 






PS – If you missed their engagement session back in the winter you can find it here: Gillian and Andrew – Engagement Session


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