And so ends a busy summer of weddings – we are officially in shoulder season now folks! Really pleased to be able to share with you today Julie and Ryan’s wedding as the last one of the summer. I love attending weddings where it is clearly a celebration of family, faith and a deep connection between the couple. Plus, there were so many former clients and friends (Julie and Lowell, Alison and Steve)  there that it was a chance to catch up a little bit! A beautiful country wedding near Carstairs and Cremona, and a beautiful fall day made for a perfect end to the season.







Julie had a gaggle of flower girls, so there was lot of general cuteness during the ceremony. Julie and Lowell, actually brought their brand-new baby (less than 10 days old!) as well, and I think the flower girls were having a hard time concentrating on the ceremony…



I love listening to this man perform. If you haven’t checked out Steve’s music before, I highly recommend having a listen over at his website!



The sweet getaway vehicle! I overheard some of the guests questioning my sanity as I got the shot of the horses… something about a headline for a trampled photographer…

I never post any of the family shots on the blog, but while I was shooting them, I looked over my shoulder and saw Lowell and Julie hamming it up for one of the guests. So, so typical for these guys…. =D









Julie’s brother-in-law and sister had a farm near the reception, so it was a no-brainer to head over there and explore for a little bit! Really glad that we did!

















Thanks so much for having me along – I had a spectacular day hanging out with you! We’ve still got a bunch of sessions to post in the coming weeks (some engagement sessions that never quite made it to the blog during the craziness of summer, and some more recent shoots, so make sure you check back over the coming weeks!

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