When I grow up I want to be like Tina and Greg. They actually do all of those things that I always say I want to do more of/get into. Things like rock climbing and backcountry skiing. Things like travelling the world or playing classical guitar. It’s pretty hard not to be inspired when hanging out with people like this. I don’t know them super well, but from what I can tell I think that the wedding on Saturday was a perfect representation of them – a little spontaneous/frenzied around the edges but totally calm and laid back at the core.

Tina is officially the reigning champion of 6:8 Photography’s ‘Most Smiley Bride’ award. We may have to shoot another 100 weddings before someone is able to unseat her. Greg is the reigning champion of our “Rennaisaince Man’ award. Let me tell you – it is going to take something pretty spectacular to bump him and his homemade butternut squash soup that he made for everyone following the ceremony.




















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