In the five years that we’ve been shooting, I’m amazed that Kristine & Eric’s wedding is the first that we’ve done in Canmore!  We were pretty excited when Kristine phoned us up after her sister Kathy’s wedding last year and wanted to include us in their wedding as well.  As mentioned in the post from Kristine & Eric’s engagement session, we’re getting pretty familiar with this crowd, and it was great to see some familiar faces at their wedding – both past clients and their families along with some of the same friends as well!

Kristine & Eric made very clear to us that pictures were extremely important to them, and as a result they gave us tons of time for pictures. They, along with their wedding party, came prepared for an adventure, which worked out well because we decided to go all over the area! Our day started with a first-look in Canmore, and from there we traveled around the Minnewanka loop near Banff prior to their ceremony. Following that, we figured it was probably safe to leave the pavement, and ended up at the trailhead to Mt. Shark in Kananaskis Country!

KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-01 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-02 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-03 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-04 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-05 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-06 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-07

Check out Kristine’s no-flower bouquet done by the amazing Sarah Mayerson! Calgary area brides, you should definitely check her out! KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-08 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-09 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-10



KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-11 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-12 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-13 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-14 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-15 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-16 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-17 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-18 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-19 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-20 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-21 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-22 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-23 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-24 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-25 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-26 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-27 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-28 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-29

Receptions are always a blast when there’s a live band.  Another great performance by The Real Deal!

KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-30 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-31 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-32 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-33 KE-Canmore-Wedding-Photographers-34


Congratulations Kris & Eric and thanks for including us in your wedding!  The next Canmore wedding is only a few weeks away, where we meet up with Katy & Brett!