We had been looking forward to Carolyn and Shay’s wedding ever since we met them last fall, even though we knew that it was going to happen right during the heart of Stampede. Does it make me an unpatriotic Western Canadian to say that I hate Stampede? Because I do. A lot. Normally we try to be as far away from the city as we can during this time. Anyway, I am feeling a rant coming on, so I better get back on topic. Or better yet – I better show some pictures from a pretty spectacular day!






Word to the wise – if you make the photographer take a picture of your specialty dragon face, you better expect to see it on the blog! =)

I love it when our clients choose to see each other before the ceremony! It makes for such a relaxed day – they have time to connect with just each other and then when the ceremony comes around they don’t have to leave their family and friends to kill a couple of hours while waiting for the reception to start. If I had it all to do over again I would do it this way in a heartbeat!




Duane told the wedding party that they were going to be out-of-focus props in a shot that he was setting up. I think they were joking about that when I grabbed this shot.



Carolyn walking out to the ceremony…





A quick kiss after the recessional.


After the ceremony we stole them for twenty minutes to explore just below the golf course a bit.

Riding in style! We’ve traveled in many ways on wedding days before (limos, truck beds, helicopters…) but never on the back of a golf cart!




They had a bit of fun with their first dance, which I loved! They started across the room from one another and slowly started moving towards the middle.





We grabbed a quick shot with them at the end, when Shay decided to improvise a little…


…and then we figured that one good turn deserves another right




Lots coming down the pipes in the next few days so stayed tuned.

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