A couple of observations about the session that I get to share with you this morning:

1. I really liked hanging out with Cathryn and Jon.

2. Shooting in the morning is fun. I’ve shot in Fernie so many times now, and it all felt brand-new again during this session. The light was amazing! I brought a full kit of lenses and strobes, and ended up using nothing but the two lenses on my camera bodies that I started with. (A 50mm and a 135mm if the camera geeks want to know).

3. Its a good thing we did this session when we did, as a good chunk of it ended up underwater or eroded after this weekend’s weather shenanigans (nothing compared to most of Alberta though – thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!)  Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0001 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0002 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0003 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0004 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0005 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0006 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0007 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0008 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0009 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0010 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0011 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0012 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0013 Fernie_Portrait_Photographers_CJ_0014


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