Wow! I’ve never seen Mt. Fernie Park the way it was this past weekend! There were a ton of cars parked along the road up to the Island Lake parking lot, and a groomed snowshoe trail (which kind of defeats the purpose!) heading up the mountain toward the ski hill. I suppose our photography reflects our skiing, as we immediately deviated off the trail and into the deep snow!  Thankfully Charlotte and Brad weren’t too afraid to follow us!










While shooting the last image, I saw that there was a little snow falling off some of the trees further down the path and I loved how it was catching the sun.  Since I couldn’t predict which trees the snow was going to fall off naturally, I decided to help it along a little.  What you can’t see in the picture below is me standing just off the left-hand side of the frame kicking the tree with all my might while Kevan was shooting.  It took a few tries, and I managed to get snow down Brad’s neck, but I think it was worth it!



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