When I think of the ‘perfect’ wedding, I don’t think of the day that went exactly to plan. The best weddings are the ones that everyone enjoys no matter what happens. After all, no one sits down to plan an adventure; adventures are adventures because they are unexpected.

Unexpectedness isn’t the only ingredient in creating an adventure, though. For example, no one would call getting lost in the wilderness overnight without a tent or food in the middle of a rainstorm an adventure. That just sucks. An adventure has to start with a hitch and end with, “And a good time was had by all.”

Angela and Brayden had a beautiful outdoor ceremony planned at The Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore. The idea of an outdoor, spring wedding was idyllic, and Angela and Brayden had worked hard to see their wedding vision come into being. As their day approached and the storm watch warnings became hard to ignore, Angela and Brayden had to put aside their vision and trust The Cornerstone Theatre to move their ceremony indoors.

It wasn’t at all what they had planned, but the indoor venue was transformed into something magical. And the best part was that the bride and groom were surprised and delighted by what was created out of adversity.

The rest of the day was full of real adventure – unexpectedness accompanied by good playlists, entertaining speeches, a tireless dancing queen niece, new friendships, old jokes, and best of all, a marriage – the beginning of the best kind of adventure.

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