There’s certain light that we always hope for on a wedding day. Most couples want a sunny day with blue skies. For us, we don’t necessarily want overcast, but we really love it when we get clouds because they can create some really dramatic skies. Of course, when you hope for this, there’s always the chance that you’re going to be dealing with rain!

When I woke up the morning of Tifanee & Josh’s wedding, the rain was coming down in buckets.  As the morning progressed though, the rain tapered off and gave way to some low cloud with the occasional sunny break. This was great because I was shooting by myself (Kevan was shooting Karen & Ryan’s wedding in Fernie), and meant I didn’t have to try and juggle my camera, an umbrella, and the rest of my gear while shooting!


 The bridesmaids have all been friends for quite a while, and there were some funny moments at the salon while they got their hair and makeup done.


 Seems like we’re getting some pretty spectacular backdrops lately for ceremonies!   This one is at Emery’s Bed & Breakfast just outside of Cranbrook.




 My favourite portrait of Tifanee!  I should give a shout-out to Avery, one of the bridesmaids, for helping out on this one – she made a great light-stand!

















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