I had vowed to myself to never write about the weather again in a wedding blog post. It always plays such a big role on how our days play out, but it seems like sometimes we are those awkward guys at the mixer who have nothing interesting to say except to discuss the state of the atmosphere. All that being said… I am going to have to be that awkward guy one last time, because Cristal and Brad’s day was insane! We had a little bit of everything; from rain, to blazing sun to a full-on snowstorm on top of the mountains. Just another typical September day in the Canadian Rockies I suppose…

Cristal was a bridesmaid for Jenn and Mick last fall, and we had been looking forward to their wedding ever since she first described it to me over the phone. It was the perfect mix of a venue and bride, because the former bridesmaids know exactly what they are signing up for!

Besides being one of my all-time favourite places to ski and bike; The Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is one of the premier wedding venues in Western Canada. The views at the Eagle’s Eye Restaurant are amazing and the food is unreal. It’s even better than having a helicopter because you can take all of your friends and family along! Of course, if anyone ever wants to combine Kicking Horse with a helicopter… just let us know – we are definitely your guys! Cristal and Brad brought the perfect mix of attention to detail and a laid-back attitude. It didn’t matter that the ceremony was being threatened by a full-on blizzard and howling winds. Just cut the epic, rock processional a little shorter, and move the signing of the register inside. Otherwise, proceed as planned. Duane and I felt like such wimps – here we were in down vests and Gortex shells, and Cristal is rocking bare arms.


A few details to start things off with…



The first look:

We started off in Golden’s pedestrian bridge, while we waited for the rain to peter out (you can see it if you look closely)






And then it was up to the top of mountain…




Brad walking in to the ceremony



Who’s got the ring again?




Off to the reception, I love the ambience up here……However, when we looked outside and saw that it was doing this…




One from the first dance:




To a truly ” Kicking Ass ” event. Unbelievable wedding, second to none I have ever atteded. Congrats to a great team that must have contributed to this mezermizing wedding. Thanks for letting us be apart of your special day.
Leo & Jean Flynn

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