After getting snowed out in March for an engagement session with these two, we were determined to forge ahead with the session this time – even if it was threatening to rain. We decided to head over to the Crowsnest Pass to use a few of the locations that we kept noticing every time that we drove through! If anybody is thinking of getting married in the Pass, make sure you let us know – there are so many great locations over that way that would make amazing backdrops for wedding photography!

Thankfully, Holly and Joe were pretty laid back and willing to do a little exploring with us. Good thing they were not in a rush either, because by the time we finished lunch with them it had turned into a four hour commitment! I think the time spent was well worth it though!

The first set of images was taken in some old abandoned buildings, and we decided to change things up a little bit by setting up some of our lights on stands and moving a little bit slower. It’s one of the reasons that I really like the engagement sessions – they are paced a lot slower, and offer a lot more flexibility than the busy pace of a wedding day.













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