We first met Danielle and Ken back at Tracy and Rick’s New Years Wedding in Medicine Hat, where we shared a table with them at dinner time. When we heard about their plans for a intimate, spring wedding in Alberta’s Cypress Hills we couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I am sure at the time, Danielle had visions of buds on the trees and warm weather. I know that I sure did. Oops. Well, when they woke up to sideways rain and a full-on blizzard in them, thar’ hills they did what any honourable Albertan would have done – put on rubber boots.



Danielle loved the idea of doing a ‘first look’ with Ken. A big shout-out to the Elkwater Lake Resort and Lodge for letting us use one of their empty suites when it became clear that the weather was not going to allow us to do this outside!


As alluded to before, Elkwater, AB, while very beautiful, is clearly not known for its abundance of beautiful indoor locations. Put it another way, a lady on the street outright laughed at us while we were scouting, when we asked if she had any recommendations… Never a good sign. So, these next few shots are taken in the pool area of the Elkwater Resort. It’s amazing what will work in a pinch….




But… as I mentioned, Danielle and Ken made it clear that they weren’t going to melt in the rain/snowstorm… so out we went! 















After that it was time to head indoors for their ceremony. These are a few of my favourites…




Danielle’s daughter looks on while they exchange rings.


The amazing Jackie, of Sehnsational Styles Wedding and Event Planning, decorated the banquet room.


The amazingly talented Tracey James (of Tracey and Rick) performed during the reception.

Danielle’s reaction during one of the speeches.






Would it surprise you to learn that Danielle is a teacher? The best way to do anything is to fully immerse oneself in the task at hand!