Confession time: I was feeling a little sorry for myself about an hour before Dana and Pat’s engagement session.

You see, we had tried to do their engagement photos way back in the winter, on the day before LaToya and Max’s wedding. There was fresh snow in town and we were all super pumped about a winter shoot in the mountains. Unfortunately on the day that they were travelling down, there were multiple traffic accidents on Highway 3 and they were stuck in traffic for the better part of the afternoon. By the time they made it to town, the light was completely gone.

Fast forward a few months and we finally nailed down a time to connect for the session in Calgary. But it was one of those really drab, cloudy days with very little dimension to the light. It was also early spring – so not really a lot of colour either. Just a lot of browns and grey. I am sure that I could have made it work, but I think just knowing what we had to give up on back in the winter, I was disappointed.

We met up in Bowness and were driving to the first location down in Bowness Park, when I noticed that a classic Calgary chinook arch (not my image) was starting to form on the horizon, and that the sun was going to break out fairly shortly. I jumped out at a stop light (I had been following them) and suggested that we switch the order of locations and head up to Nose Hill Park in order to be there for when the sun did make its appearance. After seeing the following images, I hope you can appreciate that we never did, in fact, make it back down to Bowness Park.

They have assured me that they will be bringing this magic light with them to their upcoming Canmore wedding later this month, so make sure that you stay tuned for that!  dana_pat_engagement_0002_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0003_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0011_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0012_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0016_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0017_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0021_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0026_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0029_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0032_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0033_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0036_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0038_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0043_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0044_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0048_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0050_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0051_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0053_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0054_WEB dana_pat_engagement_0057_WEBary

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