I captioned the instagram teaser from Denise and Craig’s engagement session in a pretty simple way: Fernie Stoke. Denise and Craig were fully onboard with my distracted ways (seriously – I give goldfish bad names when I shoot); and we drove around Fernie on a beautiful spring evening. Can’t wait for their Waterton wedding later this summer; which will amazingly be the first time that I have ever shot a wedding in Waterton. So looking forward to that!

Denise_Craig_Engagement_0042_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0001_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0004_WEB

Big thanks to Laura and Jessica from the amazing Spa 901, who let us shoot inside their amazing space right after their last client left for the day! Denise’s comment was “I am definitely coming back here!”  Denise_Craig_Engagement_0007_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0015_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0018_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0021_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0025_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0028_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0037_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0041_WEB   Denise_Craig_Engagement_0043_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0049_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0050_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0055_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0057_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0058_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0060_WEB

They had been keeping Sophie on a pretty tight leash; Craig was fairly convinced that if he let her go off-leash that she would just run away forever. Well, we were shooting, and all of a sudden, Sophie calmly walked over (figured out how to wriggle out of her harness somehow) and joined the photos. Well-played Sophie, well-played!

Denise_Craig_Engagement_0061_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0066_WEB

It’s not truly a 6:8 photo session until you have to take your shoes and socks off to wade through water and mud!  Denise_Craig_Engagement_0067_WEB

At this point I honestly thought we were done shooting. As we drove back into town though, I kept seeing things that pretty much begged to be used. Denise_Craig_Engagement_0068_WEB

This was the very last stop, and boy am I glad that we stopped here!

Denise_Craig_Engagement_0070_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0071_WEB Denise_Craig_Engagement_0072_WEB