What an amazing experience I had at Ariana & Alex’s wedding!  We were referred by Tiffany & Ian, one of our couples from back in 2009, and I’m so thankful that they gave me the honour of being part of their day. Ariana & Alex live in Toronto, but had their wedding in Edmonton.  Planning a wedding is hard enough, let alone doing it from thousands of kilometers away!  The were very deliberate about planning their day to be a celebration with friends and having a great time.  It started with an an early evening ceremony, going straight into a reception format that really catered to socializing with other guests, and having duelling pianos for the evening’s entertainment to top it all off!  The entertainment was so good I stuck around for a while just to listen to them finish their set!

The wedding party consisted of two engineers, a MD, a lawyer, and one finishing up a doctorate in musical composition!  I almost felt like an under-achiever, but what really struck me is how humble and friendly they and their wedding party were.  When I showed up in the morning I was greeted as a friend and from that point on I was sure we were going to have a fun day.  Our travels took us from the absolutely gorgeous Hotel MacDonald where they got ready to the complete opposite; the platform of one of Edmonton’s downtown LRT stations.  We also found our way to the UofA campus where most, if not all, of the wedding party studied at some point.

Ok.  I’ve talked enough – here’s a lot of images:




 Ariana & Alex decided to do their portraits prior to the ceremony.  Their first look was great – really emotional and awesome to witness.



 I think we may have freaked the LRT driver out with the shot below with the camera strobe going off coupled with the fact that the group was only about two feet from the edge of the platform.  Oops – made for a cool picture though!









 Quite possibly one of my favourite bouquet shots to date.











Following the ceremony Ariana & Alex carved out about 10 minutes where we could do a few more portraits at the Shaw Conference Centre.




 I’ve heard some great speeches already this year, but Steve & Tom’s toast to Alex goes down as truly special & unique as they broke into song (singing the speech to an Aerosmith song).  Tom had trouble keeping a straight face during it!



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