Elizabeth and Damian met up with us last weekend here in Fernie for their engagement photos. Just a few months now until they get married in Calgary. Looking forward to it!


We are in full on spring here in Fernie and this hill was spectacularly icy from the freeze-thaw action. It looks idyllic, but I am pretty sure that they were pretty intently focused on not wiping out!



We came back into town for a little bit at the end, just to vary the look a little bit. As we were wandering around in one of the back alleys, we noticed that the guys over at The Royal had the doors open as they were prepping for a concert that night. We asked if we might be able to use the space for a couple of minutes and they were happy to let us in. They even turned on the smoke machine for a couple of minutes, which was great for adding a little bit of weight to the light!