It’s mid-ski season here in Fernie but you wouldn’t know it by the amount of snow we have.  There’s so little that people have been biking here in town and on some of the surrounding trail networks! Seemed fitting to do some shooting on one of Fernie’s biking trails, so we started at the Swine Flu trailhead.

We ended up exploring around the base of Mt. Proctor, and I knew we were going to have a great time when they were willing to get off the beaten path right away. Usually I casually persuade people to go walk on slippery rocks and stand in creek beds after we’ve been shooting for a bit, but knowing that they love hiking and being in the outdoors, we got into that right away!

The higher we climbed the less snow there was!

Emily has been coming to Fernie with her family for a long time and loves the Three Sisters.  Seemed fitting to include a classic shot of it with their engagement pictures.

We finished off with a few shots downtown to get a bit of variety.  Here’s my favourite from that set.

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