I am so thrilled to be able to share with you Esther and Graeme’s beautiful celebration. They gave us complete freedom to fill the portrait time in the afternoon, but wanted us to incorporate mountains, rivers, and trees. Uh – okay! The entire  wedding party was great; we laughed all afternoon.






They didn’t see each other before the ceremony, but they did have a quick chat!



I love Graeme’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.








They had a pretty stellar recessional as well…


Loved this bridge.

This friendly little cat just wanted to be part of the fun!







We were actually headed back to the bus when we saw this log. So glad that we made them stop and head over for a couple of more portraits!








They had their reception at the Bragg Creek Community Centre and it looked awesome!







Piñata! I’ve included the image on the left to show that I was actually in mortal peril while getting these shots. Also, I can concede that it probably looked a little funny to see a disembodied camera poking through the curtains – maybe even a little weird. But there was no way that I was going to stand on the other side of the curtain! 



Some people take their piñating (I realize that is probably not even a word) seriously!  




Good times on the dance floor!








A great day! Thanks Esther and Graeme for having us as part of your day! Can’t wait to ski some of Fernie’s legendary powder with you guys this winter!