I love the start of summer.  The leaves are fresh and new, and there’s a liveliness in the greens in the trees and grass.  Colours pop and there’s enough uncertainty with rain that the skies are usually filled with interesting clouds.

I met up with Amy & Darren this past weekend for their engagement session amidst some potentially threatening skies.  There’s a barn that I’ve been eyeing up to shoot in for a while now, and it’s one of the locations I wanted to use for their session.  Last week while out on a bike ride I noticed that it was open and cleared out, so we took the opportunity to go in and create some awesome images!  It was my intention to start their session there and go to a few different spots after but the A.D.D. side of me got distracted by other spots on the way there, so it ended up being the location we finished at!

If it had better access and was fixed up, the upstairs of this barn would make an amazing wedding venue.

Thanks Amy & Darren and looking forward to hanging out with you again later this month at your wedding!

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