Most people are usually drawn to our beautiful little town of Fernie for the winters. It kind of goes without saying that we are known for some pretty darn good skiing. This past year was unusually spectacular, as La Nina kept dumping system after system on our doorsteps. However, what most people don’t realize is just how beautiful a place it is during the summer, and especially, in my opinion, the spring. The light takes on a beautiful quality, and the sweet smell of cottonwood trees fills the air.

I was really happy when Caylie and Brett said they wanted to come to Fernie for their engagement photos to chase some of this light. Some people you feel like you’ve known for a long, long time as soon as you meet them, and these two definitely fell into that category! I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, and I think it is because we have some of the best clients going, but I can’t wait for their wedding at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort later this summer!

In an unrelated note – La Nina is also the force responsible for the unusual amount of rain that we’ve been experiencing here in Western Canada this spring. Best line that I’ve heard abut it so far, comes from the Fernie Alpine Resort bike crew, who is feverishly working to get things ready for some summer riding: “La Niña, what was once everyone’s favourite little Mexican girlfriend is now lingering like a bad tequila hangover.”













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