It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in Fernie. Kevan and Leah just purchased a new home in town, and we’ve been in the process of getting ready to move the office as well. Needless to say things have been a little chaotic in the past little while. Anyway, we’re probably going to be a little sporadic in the next few days as we deal with the moving process, so I thought that before things became too crazy that I would share with you guys a session that we did with Shannon and Kevin back in September. I called it a Fernie portrait session, just because I couldn’t think of what else might be more accurate. In truth, we met in Fernie but then proceeded to head down to south country to explore for a couple of hours. It was awesome! Especially when Kevin agreed to do some 4×4’n so that we could get out onto the river floodplain. It was great getting to know these two and we are looking forward to maybe doing a trash the dress session with them when they get back from their destination wedding next spring.












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