What a spectacularly cold day! I’ve never been to Dubai before, but from what I am told it could be characterized as warm; hot even! So if I thought that it was cold here after weeks of adjustment, I can only imagine what it must have felt like for Sheena and Kyle who came home for a few weeks to get married in Fernie. Now, Sheena is a local so its not like she’s never experienced this kind of cold before, but I have to think that it came as a bit of a shock after regularly experiencing temperatures of +30 C. What I found truly amazing was that she was able to be out in the deep-freeze (-30 C) in a shoulderless dress and not even look cold! Duane and I were both bundled right up (thank-you long-johns!) and it still was uncomfortably cold.

But enough about the weather – we felt really blessed to be a part of Sheena and Kyle’s wedding. A beautiful couple with beautiful venues and backdrops and best of all, right here in our home town. It was an absolutely perfect way for us to close out 2008!




Sheena just seconds before entering the sanctuary.

I had never been in the Anglican Church in Fernie before this week. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to find such beautiful architecture!






 Ok, ok. I know I mentioned the cold. Did I also mention that it was beautiful?











Stay tuned in the next little while for a new twist on the slideshow! (Hint: It has something to do with our new cameras!) Also, another reminder to keep the votes coming for our contest. I am sure that the winning couple will thank you!


[…] Sheena and Kyle came home from Dubai to have their wedding in Fernie and were determined to have their wedding pictures done outside despite the 75 degree temperature difference from what they had grown accustomed to!  You would never know from this shot that the temperature that day was a brisk -36ºC with the wind chill! […]

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