Wow! That pretty much sums up yesterday for Duane and I. We’re just about to hit the road to cover another wedding up in Edmonton area, but I just had to share some of my favorite images from yesterday. Actually, by some, I originally selected 50 shots for the blog (which was painful enough) and Duane forced me to scale that number back. So we’re at 36 I think. I could have easily chosen 100 though! Zoe and Quinn are just free-spirited people and we felt like we had known them for all of our lives (even though we met them for the first time on Wednesday). I can’t say enough about how we were treated by them and their families – thanks so much, we had a blast. You’ll be seeing lots more of this wedding on this blog and our website sometime later this year as well, as we had our good friend Lowell Taylor follow us along with a video camera for a couple of days. Anyway, like I said, time is short and the wedding included an amazing venue, a tandem bicycle, a vintage car and a helicopter so I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking!















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Wow! Amazing photography! Where in Fernie were the mine shots taken?…if it’s not a trade secret. ;o) (I’m not a photographer btw, just a hiker).

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[…] Image source: {clockwise from upper left corner}: flickr, Melissa Mermin, Glamour, LeVie, NY Times, 68 Photography, Drover Holiday   […]

aww these pics are amazing congrats zoe and quinn!!!

Wow, you guys have really outdone yourselves. I love all of your pictures, but I think that Z&Q’s engagement & wedding shoots are my all time favourites. You guys are so adventurous and amazing with background/texture/colours etc etc etc. Keep up the super dee duper fantabulesso work. You boys make me proud!
~Julie 🙂

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