Every wedding seems to have a bump or two with planning – it’s just part of the day.  Usually these end up making great stories that the couple can look back on and chuckle about after their wedding.  In Amy & Darren’s case, I think it was more like a mountain.

Leading up to Amy & Darren’s wedding was the devastating flooding, both in Alberta and our corner of BC.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Amy came down strep a few days before the wedding and it hit her pretty hard.  On Thursday afternoon, not only were there concerns about roads being shut down between Calgary and Fernie, but it became clear that Amy wasn’t in any shape to get herself here on her own.  Without hesitation, Darren and his brother-in-law jumped in the car, raced to Calgary, and got her to Fernie before the worst of the flooding hit.  At least she was in town!

Friday ended up being an interesting day.  Kevan and I spent about 13 hours sandbagging both here in Fernie and up the road in Hosmer.  When I finally got home in the evening to prepare for the wedding, I learned that Amy and the rest of her group were being evacuated from the house they were staying in because the water was flowing over Highway 3 and they were considering digging out the road to divert some of the water back to the river.  Talk about adding unneeded stress to an already stressful situation.

When I connected with Amy on Saturday morning to get an update on where she was getting ready, she quitely said, “The hospital actually.”  This was her second visit there since arriving in Fernie to get an IV because she was so sick.  We had a new first for 6:8 Photography by doing some of her getting ready shots in the hospital!  Side note – I don’t recommend it if possible!

Despite putting on a brave face,  Amy was not in great shape.  We discussed different options, and at this point in the day our goal was to get her through the ceremony, family portraits, and reception, giving her lots of time in between to rest.  When her IV was done, we left the hospital and went to another location so she could finish her hair & makeup.

There were a lot of people praying for Amy to start feeling better, and about an hour after she left the hospital it’s like a switch flipped; she was smiling and cracking jokes, her colour had returned, and was beginning to enjoy her day.

Our original goal was to do most of Amy & Daren’s portraits prior to the ceremony, but with the unplanned events of the morning, we were a little delayed.  Thankfully we had just enough time to do their first look, and there were lots of smiles, laughs, and tears.

Amy’s Maid of Honour at the first look.

Amy’s Mom at the start of the ceremony.

There were a few jokes cracked by the pastor about the events leading up to the wedding.

Another joke at Amy’s expense with the wedding party.  She took it all in stride!

A few tears and lots of laughs during the speeches.

As our coverage was ending I noticed there were some really interesting skies over Mt. Hosmer, so I stole them away from their reception for a few minutes and we did a couple more portraits.

Despite all the flooding and the hospitalization incident, it was an awesome day, and it was such an honour to be able to celebrate it with you guys.  Oh yeah, I also think it made a great story!

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