I know that Brenda has been waiting patiently for this, and I’m excited to finally share their wedding here on the blog.  I first talked to her at the beginning of 2014, and I think she came in to see me at the studio right after she got engaged.  She made it pretty clear that photos were one of the most important things for her wedding, and wanted to make sure she booked us right away!  Fast forward 2.5 years to their wedding.

The day started out with some getting ready shots.  I spent the morning with the girls, and was in stitches with some of the stories one of the bridesmaids was telling about her experiences as an RCMP officer in a small Kootenay town.  Entertaining to say the least!

Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-003 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-004 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-005

Things got a little more real for Brenda when she was getting tied into her dress…

Kevan was off shooting another wedding that weekend in Calgary, so my buddy Kyle Hamilton joined me for the day to 2nd shoot and got some shots with the guys.
Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-007 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-008

Brenda and Cory were married at the Anglican Church here in Fernie, and this place has a lot of history with them.  It’s the same church that Brenda’s parents got married in, and it’s also the same church they were confirmed in when they were kids.
Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-010 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-011 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-012 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-013 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-014 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-015 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-016

Brenda’s nephews made sure everyone was behaving at the wedding… Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-017 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-018 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-019 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-020 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-021

Brenda was adamant about having an adventure on their wedding and gave me lots of time so we could access something a little more remote for their portraits.  She really wanted to be part of the Hiking Brides Club and I was happy to oblige.  I should note that on the way out Brenda chose to B-line it straight out of the bush, which resulted in getting a (small) cut on her leg. I think it’s the first time blood has been drawn for wedding photos with us – consider the bar raised!


Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-022 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-023 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-024 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-025

On the way back to town I screeched to a halt on the logging road.  I think Brenda’s Maid of Honour thought I was nuts, but we had to go back for this spot – the light was spectacular! Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-026 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-027 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-028

Cory is originally from Fernie, and he had a specific request for the day.  He really wanted a shot with Mt. Hosmer and the Ghostrider in the background.  Their wedding was right in the middle of all that crazy smoke we were dealing with in Fernie, but thankfully we got some heavy rain the day before which knocked a lot of it out of the air so we could actually see the mountains!  I stole them from their reception for about 15 minutes to grab these shots.
Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-029 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-030
Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-031 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-032 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-033 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-034 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-035

DJ McRae kept the place rocking all night long.  We get to meet a lot of DJs, and he honestly is one of the best anywhere!  If you’re getting married in Fernie you need to have him at your wedding! Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-036 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-037 Fernie-Wedding-Photographers-BC-038

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