It’s no secret that Island Lake Lodge is one of the best mountain wedding venues in Western Canada, and we’re fortunate enough that it’s tucked away right in our back yard!  It’s a fantastic mix of elegance meets rustic with it’s amazing guest experience, classic wooden lodges, and stunning mountain views.

After meeting Kate and Stuart and getting to know them a little better during their engagement session, it was clear that Island Lake Lodge was the perfect venue for their day and was a reflection of their values & personality.  While living in the Calgary area, they come to Fernie as much as possible to escape the hustle & bustle of city life and recharge in the mountains.  The focus of their wedding was a celebration of their friends, and they structured their entire weekend in a way that allowed them to spend as much time as possible connecting and having a great time with the people they invited to celebrate with them.

Kate being walked down the aisle by her parents during the ceremony.

It’s incredible how many mayflies were buzzing around during Kate & Stuart’s ceremony!

Kate was excited to seal the deal!

Their cocktail hour was spent hanging out with friends and trying to pound nails into a log.  As if playing while drinking wasn’t enough of a challenge, they also chose to use the claw side of the hammer.

While the speeches were mostly toasting, there was a healthy dose of roasting thrown in for good measure.

Kate & Stuart are avid skiers, so after dinner they popped on their ski boots for a few shots out by one of the snowcats.