Salon: Sparrow For Hair
Flowers: The Green Petal
Church: Fernie United Church
Reception: Fernie Golf and Country Club

A perfect fall day in Fernie to explore some of the colour that has graced the valley. I casually emailed Karen a couple of weeks back, and said that there was a location that I would really love to use, but that it may require tip-toeing across the top of a small beaver-dam. She emailed me back right away and said that she would bring rubber boots! Considering that they were getting married after their portraits, this was no small decision. While she didn’t have to scramble up anything, I feel that is more than worthy of inclusion in our Hiking Brides Club! I was also very excited to have Nic Genovese along as a second shooter for the day. Nic is a really talented cinematographer here in Fernie, who has done a lot of incredible bike edits. You check out his most recent edit, which was featured over on Seriously, check it out; it’s incredible!

The day started out with us meeting up with Karen and her crew at Sparrow for Hair.







 Ryan impatiently waiting to be able to go see his bride =D

Their first look. Nic’s photos.




Gearing up for the hike down across the beaver dam. 
I think it was worth it!














Love the classic Chevell that they brought for their ride!






 Then it was off to the United Church for the ceremony.




The reception was at the Fernie Golf and Country Club.

I happened to pop my head outside during a break in the evening program. Glad that I did! Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love living and working in Fernie? 

The shoe game. Always good for a few belly laughs!


  Nic’s view during the first dance.



 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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