One of the great things about our job is that we get to be part of one of the best days in people’s lives.  It’s a chance to meet really cool people and experience all the awesome moments that happen on their wedding day.  This week we had the chance to share in Gail and Dwayne’s wedding and they did theirs with a bit of a twist.  They contacted us a few months ago and told us they were going to get married on Lake Koocanusa.  They didn’t really have any more details aside from the fact that it was going to be small, pretty relaxed, and that the only people who knew it was happening were us and the pastor!  To get their families out there they decided to set it up as a family vacation on a house boat with their kids and both sets of parents.  They pulled it off without a hitch and the reactions of the family when we arrived on the boat for the wedding was priceless!



















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