I love shooting at Island Lake Lodge, especially later in the summer when the light streams through the cedar forest, or catches the witch’s hair dangling off the tree branches.  Needless to say, both Kevan and I were excited to find out that’s where Cathryn & Mike were having their wedding ceremony. While doing their family pictures it came up in conversation that Cathryn & Mike actually planned their wedding date around our schedule, making sure that we were going to be available to be part of their day. Thanks guys, it was truly an honour to be included in your wedding and to celebrate with you, your families, and your friends!









 There are always some canoes down by the lake at the Lodge, and they were just begging to be taken out on the water.  This isn’t the first time we’ve had a bride in a canoe – you may remember a few shots from Kelsey & Kevin’s wedding from last year.  While not technically a great shot, these guys stepped up the game a little by changing spots in the canoe while on the water.  Thank goodness we didn’t dump – a soggy couple, two wet photographers, and two drowned cameras + lenses + lights sounds like it might have been a disaster!













 Their reception was held at the Picnic Restaurant here in town.  It was a new venue for us to shoot in, and it was awesome!  Great food, really social atmosphere, and the professionalism of the staff was spot-on!


After getting to know her a little, I’d say Cathryn is a fairly expressive person.  There was a little roasting going on during her Dad’s speech, and here a few reaction shots!