It seems like every time we tried to meet up with Jana and Mel for their engagement session, something would come up, causing us to postpone it! When we planned on meeting with them this last time, there was a 60% chance of rain and gusty winds in Waterton Park, but we decided to take a chance and do their session anyway.  We did most of it near the Red Rock Canyon, and though we had to deal with some rain, there were quick breaks in the showers that we were able to make the most of!

The one nice thing about shooting in the rain is colours are really saturated and green tones really seem to pop!  Below are some of our favourites









Outside of being in Waterton Park for their engagement session, I think bear sightings was the activity of the afternoon.  While scouting and shooting, we saw SIX bears!  This one we spotted above town while taking the photo above.  Since the rain and wind were starting to get a little worse, we decided to drive over there and have a closer look!



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