Janice-Vaughn-Wedding-095To To accommodate different types of people, I have prepared two different reviews for 6:8 Photography. Enjoy!


My wife and I are very thankful that we engaged 6:8 Photography to capture our memories on our wedding day, which to us, provides a visual treasure of a day we will never forget. Choosing a photographer for a special event can be stressful, considering there is only one opportunity to create those lasting visual memories. Our photographer, Duane Clemens, was awesome to work with and we would not hesitate for a second to recommend him, his skills and his services to anyone, for any occasion. Our pictures were creative, emotion catching and absolutely stunning.


For all businesses, a referral, review or recommendation is the best compliment to their work. A family member recommended 6:8 Photography as a result of their good experience so I am taking this opportunity to further the recommendation.

The photographer we worked with from start to finish was Duane Clemens. Duane provided excellent, pressure free, clear and detailed explanations of the services over the phone during our initial consultation with him. The contract used is formal and professional, easing the wonder whether you are dealing with a company and people that are reputable. Duane was punctual and friendly and started recording our day within minutes of arriving. Duane was patient and “invisible” during our wedding ceremony but captured incredible emotional and special moments I had hoped he would catch but didn’t expect.

What impressed me the most about Duane and his services is that he pre-planned and scouted shooting locations for the day prior to meeting with us. His organization was amazing and his talent very impressive. It takes a good photographer to take picture after picture, with minimal setup and pause, and still produce hundreds of display worthy photos. Duane was focused on his work but not once did we feel rushed. My wife and I really appreciated that Duane wasn’t “clock watching” and ensured that before he left that we had every possible picture that we wanted him to take. I trust that his willingness to be so accommodating is because he had just as good of a day with us as we did with him.

To our excitement, the absolutely stunning, finished photos were available for easy online viewing and download within a very short period of time after the occasion. Duane was very good at post session follow-up to ensure we were satisfied with our total experience.

If you are looking for photographer to capture memories, special moments, emotions and produce excellent quality, well thought out, creative photos, my wife and I highly recommend Duane Clemens to anyone. Duane is a class act.